Lions Park Improvement Project Campaign

The Lake DuBay Lions have initiated a project to make significant enhancements to Lions Park.  These permanent improvements include an ADA fishing pier, accessible walkways and restrooms, playground upgrades, a kayak launch and a pickleball court.  Once completed these projects will provide improved community access for all age groups. 

Over the past several years, the Lions have been able to collaborate with Marathon County to do a shoreline preservation project and have added an accessible gazebo.  The ADA accessible fishing pier is currently in construction in collaboration with Prime Water Anglers.  The Lions continue maintaining the Park grounds and buildings making it a very popular site for weddings, graduation parties, and many other gatherings.  Providing opportunities for the community to use the park on a day-to-day basis will be enhanced with these new project installations.

In order to achieve this long-range vision for Lions Park and provide even more opportunities for the community, the Lions are looking for your financial support.  The Lions goal is to raise $105,000 to make this vision become a reality.

We have partnered with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, a 501(C)(3) organization, to manage the funds for the Lake DuBay Lions Park Improvement Fund. The Community Foundation connects the passions of philanthropists with the purposes of nonprofits for local community impact. The Lake DuBay Lions Park Project has also been awarded a grant from the Foundation’s Community Enhancement Grant fund in the amount of $21,200!

Looking for more details on the Lions Park history and current vision for the park? You may click here for the full presentation.

Ready to make a donation? This link will take you to the Community Foundation’s site for on-line giving. Thank you for your support!